Branding Print 20191009


Created the 2019 & 2017 Symposium design materials which included all physical and web materials. Each design was based on a given theme and used both in marketing and during the event. The theme for each of the years was picked a year in advance and as the theme was more theoretical at times I was given free rein to create a visually appealing branding and print package for the year.   For 2017 I wanted to go with something bold and patterned as the previous designs had been tamer designs. This end result worked well as the patterned piece as a whole was seen on the larger printed posters, but could be cropped for smaller materials if needed.   2019 had a theme I felt I could encapsulate with a more classically artistic piece, so I painted this in Photoshop with a Cintiq tablet. I still wanted it to grab people's attention so I went with a beautiful yellow background which turned out beautiful in both print and electronic viewings.

The design needed to be consistently read across numerous print and electronic platforms.

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