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Q-Portfolio has been evolving for over 5 years by now, it is a website built to display and give access to a series of dedicated Patient-Reported Outcome Measures created by McMaster University. Q-Portfolio was already a brand when they came to me with the original 3 "Q's" and so when more Q's were created it fell on my shoulders to make sure that they continued with the pre-existing branding but with a new colour.   Each of the Q's is it's own little website, talking about the product, the production, the creators, and where you can access the product itself through a secure McMaster link. This project has evolved throughout the years as the decision of what should be hosted on the site versus the University changed. This project also allowed me to teach an individual how to make simple edits on the WordPress backend and when to let me know they might need help with more difficult edits.

A project with an overwhelming amount of information and not a clear picture of what they needed.

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